People love to hate Facebook

How else can you reconcile these views?

“Facebook said Saturday evening that an article raising concerns that the coronavirus vaccine could lead to death was the top performing link in the United States on its platform from January through March of this year, acknowledging the widespread reach of such material for the first time.

It also said another site that pushed covid-19 misinformation was also among the top 20 most visited pages on the platform.”


“Facebook earlier this year faced a torrent of criticism from President Biden and others who have alleged that the company has allowed misinformation about coronavirus vaccines to flourish. White House officials have alleged that many Americans are reluctant to take the coronavirus vaccine, in part, because of false or misleading information they have read on social media services, including Facebook.”

You might think the controversial popular link cited above goes to Breitbart or something. Nope, it’s the Chicago Tribune. When I plugged the title (“A ‘healthy’ doctor died two weeks after getting a COVID-19 vaccine”) into Google, these were the other outlets also reporting on the story:

If it’s so bad to have a link to that content on Facebook… where’s the outrage that it was also covered prominently by every mainstream media outlet? This is fake news — certain people just love to hate on Facebook.