Hello and welcome to Detrended, a new WriteFreely instance on the #fediverse. My name is Justin Pyvis and I’ve just sent my weekly newsletter, EconByte, into retirement. As to why, I’ll repost the relevant snippet here:

The main reason for the retirement is that I'm now publishing on a separate platform 5 days a week: Brekky Wrap. It has more of an Australian focus but there's also plenty on global markets and technology that should interest even those who couldn't care less about what's happening down under. It's digestible in just a few minutes and is also free, so if you haven't already done so feel free to sign up.

Another reason for closing this down is that I want to experiment with other mediums and spend more time working on a book (tbc). For now, I've set up a WriteFreely instance on the fediverse – called Detrended – which will have more of an ad hoc publishing schedule and no emails.

I’m not committing to anything but I will probably start using this space for some irregular, shorter-form blogging. Topics will be the usual for me, namely #economics, #patterns, #risk, #blockchain, #technology, #privacy and #security.

To follow this blog use any RSS/Atom reader (e.g. Inoreader, Feedly) or get yourself an account on the fediverse (e.g. Pleroma, Mastodon) then add @[email protected].

There’s also a sister Pleroma instance over at Detrended.net. If you’d like an account, please let me know.