Wither the FTC

The US Federal Trade Commission’s new chair, 32 year-old Lina Khan, has got off to an interesting start:

Less than a week into Lina Khan’s tenure as Federal Trade Commission chair, her chief of staff ordered the agency’s staff to cancel all public appearances, according to internal agency emails viewed by POLITICO.

In a June 22 email to more than two dozen of the FTC’s top staffers, Khan’s chief of staff, Jen Howard, announced a “moratorium on public events and press outreach.” … In a follow-up message two days later, Howard said that any staff who were scheduled for public events should cancel those appearances.

“I want to make clear that for any situations where staff are currently scheduled to do a public event and thus need to contact event organizers to withdraw their participation, the message they should convey is that they are sorry they can no longer participate due to pressing matters at the FTC,” she wrote.

Sounds like a great place to work. /s

But in all seriousness, a lot of economic damage could be inflicted over the next few years with Lina Khan at the helm of the FTC and Tim Wu as Biden’s special advisor for technology and competition policy. They’re antitrust zealots who want to rewrite the rulebook to one where big is automatically bad and demonstrating consumer harm is no longer a requirement.